Executive Board Members Spring 2022

President: Cami Hunter

Major: Business Management and Ethics & Public Policy
Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Bettendorf, IA
Year: Senior
Email: camryn-hunter@uiowa.edu
Bio: I have been a part of WIB for seven semesters and have served as the Sustainability Chair and Vice President in previous semesters, so I am super excited to continue leading such an empowering organization as President this upcoming year! My favorite thing about WIB are the relationships that can be created with empowering women through this amazing organization. I am most excited to see WIB continue to find ways to expand its DEI efforts and to plan an inspiring general meeting speaker series for WIB members. Some fun facts about me are that I am planning to attend law school after graduating and I am the biggest Hawkeye sports fan!

Vice President: Madeline Birk

Major: Marketing
Palatine, IL
This will be my fourth semester in WIB and I am so excited to connect with all of you amazing women! As Vice President, I am most excited to dive deeper into IWF! I want to educate our members on how they impact our community on a daily basis. A goal for this semester is to team up with our VP of Marketing to post more about Iowa Women’s Foundation, so that members/alumna/non members can stay updated. I also want to be a friend to lean on for help or guidance for every and any member. I want to clearly communicate why IWF is so important and be able to answer any questions you might have. Some fun facts about me is that I have a twin sister that also goes to Iowa, I am in Zeta Tau Alpha, I love to work out, and traveling is a passion of mine.

VP of Technology: Christina Kaufman

Major: Business Analytics and Information Systems
Certificate: Leadership Studies
Oak Brook, IL
This is my 6th semester in WIB and I am super excited to serve as VP of Technology! My goal this semester is to streamline all processes, so all information regarding to WIB is organized and available for everyone. Outside of WIB, I am a student analyst for the University’s ITS HelpDesk and I was a former student-athlete on the University’s swim team and a former member of the Iowa Student Athlete Advising Committee. I cannot wait to welcome new members into the organization and help guide everyone! Some fun facts about me are that I love to read, I am a certified yoga instructor, and I enjoy traveling.

VP of Internal Relations: Rachel Strang

Major: Finance, Public health
Certificate: Risk Management and Insurance
Hometown: Iowa City, IA
Year: Senior
Email: rachel-strang@uiowa.edu
Bio: This is my 8th semester in WIB and I am excited to welcome more members and help foster relationships! I’ve served as a Lean-In Circle Leader and VP of Internal relations before. I love our internal programs which include Lean-In circles and Gal Pals. Outside of WIB, I’m involved in Phi Eta Sigma and Tippie Business Honors Society. A goal for this semester is to promote a more inclusive environment throughout the organization and give girls opportunities to connect with each other in fun ways. Some fun facts about me is that I am a long-distance runner and I have a huge sweet tooth!

VP of External Relations: Abbey Bejarno


Major: Marketing Analytics
Minor: Spanish Minor
Hometown: West Des Moines, IA
Year: Junior
Email: abbey-bejarno@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my sixth semester in WiB and I’m most excited to make more connections with the other executive board members and get to know more people in the organization. I’m also excited to be behind the scenes and plan awesome events for WiB members. My favorite thing about WiB is meeting awesome people and hearing about their experiences within Tippie. I also love hearing stories from women in the business world about how they got to where they are today and learning from them. My goals are to help members of WiB make more connections with each other, as well as with alumni. I think it is super important to connect with one another as well as with people who would be able to give us advice and direction as we are starting our careers! A fun fact is that have two dogs, Teddy and Bo and I’ve been a Hawkeye fan my whole life! 

VP of Mentoring: Kaitlyn Ryan

Major: Accounting
Minor/Certificate: French Minor and International Business Certificate
Hometown: Bettendorf, IA
Year: Junior
Email: kaitlyn-ryan@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my sixth semester in Women in Business and I loved seeing how much effort previous executive boards put into making WIB a great club, so I’m excited to now play a role in planning and creating a great experience for all members. My favorite part of WiB are the General Meetings because the speakers have such interesting experiences and advice to share with us! My goal for the program this year is to make thoughtful matches and plan events that foster relationships. As our members include a variety of majors and ages, I hope each member gains something useful out of the program. Some fun facts about me is that I love to travel and I like cooking new foods. 

VP of Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Arianna Contreras

Major: Management and Pre-Law
Hometown: Rockton, IL
Year: Senior
Email: arianna-contreras@uiowa.edu
Bio: I have been a part of Women in Business for eight semesters now. I love being a member on the Executive Board for WIB because I am able to enact change and work with an amazing group of empowered women! My favorite thing about WIB has to be our members, by far. The amount of people we have that are driven, empathetic, and supportive of change never ceases to amaze me. I have found all of my closest friends in WIB! Some goals of mine include creating a DEI Resource Library, creating events with diverse topics, recruiting speakers with diverse stories and lessons, removing barriers to entry within WIB, and motivating our members to make change within their scope. Some fun facts about me are that I plan on going to law school at some point to work in corporate law and I work in the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on campus!

VP of Finance: Riley Hull

Major: Finance and Economics
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Year: Junior
Email: riley-hull@uiowa.edu
Bio: I have been a member in WIB for five semesters, and I am so excited to be an executive member because I can help the other women in the business program to create connections, meet other women in the business program, and become the best they can be within their majors. My favorite part about WIB is when strong, empowering women come and speak to the organization through events and general meetings. My goals for WIB are to make women feel more comfortable within the business program and make some great connections with many of the speakers who come to talk to the group. Some fun facts about me is that I love to read and travel.

VP of Fundraising: Bella Mangroo

Major: Enterprise Leadership
Hometown: Lakeville, MN
Year: Sophomore
Email: isabella-mangroo@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my second semester in WIB and I am super excited to be your VP of Fundraising. My favorite thing about this organization is how welcoming everyone is and that I have seen growth in myself from this organization. My goals for WIB is to develop a deeper understanding for local businesses in the area and to network with them. Some fun facts about me is that I am obsessed with coffee, I have two younger siblings, and I love traveling!

VP of Community Service: Hannah Shade

Major: Business and Theatre
Hometown: Marengo, IA
Year: Sophomore
Email: hannah-shade@uiowa.edu
Bio: I have only been a member of WIB for two semesters, but loved the organization instantly! As the VP of Community Service, I am most excited to plan fun and engaging community service opportunities and get to know other WIB ladies! My favorite thing about WIB is the positivity that is present amongst all the wonderful ladies. The goals I have for WIB is that I want more Business majors to know about the organization, and I also want members to enjoy giving back to the community. Some fun facts about me is that I have an obsession with soft pretzels and I love to travel!

VP of Events: Maddie Nedelcoff

Major: Finance
Certificate: Leadership Studies
Hometown: Oregon, WI
Year: Junior
Email: madison-nedelcoff@uiowa.edu
Bio: I have been a part of WiB for five semesters and I’m excited to be apart of the behind the scenes work and give members the opportunity to grow and connect this year! My favorite thing about WiB is the relationships that are built through the organization and and all the opportunities presented. My goal for this semester is to give members the opportunity to return back to in person events and bond in more ways than just the business world. I love to travel. I am invested in my fitness. I grew up as a big Wisconsin Badgers fan, but now go Hawks! 

VP of Professionalism: Grace Stufflebeam

Major:Marketing & Management Majors, Event Management Certificate
Hometown: Conrad, IA
Year: Sophomore
Email: grace-stufflebeam@uiowa.edu
Bio: I have been in WIB for three semesters now and I am so excited to get more involved with an organization that I am super passionate about and for the opportunity to work alongside so many talented and empowering women. My favorite thing about WIB is the connections and relationships you are able to build. This organization is so inclusive and allows for amazing networking opportunities not only with members inside the organization, but with the speakers who are out in the real business world as well. My goal for WIB this year is to plan a pro trip that gives our members the opportunity to visit a variety of businesses, network with professionals, and see what different job opportunities the business world has to offer. My small town is the “Black Dirt Capital of the World” and yes, that’s seriously a thing!

VP of Marketing: Alayna Fernandez

Major: Marketing Management
Certificate: Event Management
Hometown: Addison, IL
Year: Senior
Email: alayna-fernandez@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my fourth semester in Women in Business and I am excited to be more involved in a organization that I am passionate about. My favorite thing about WIB is the inclusivity and environment within the organization. I also enjoy hearing from many successful business women and their career journeys. My goals for WIB is to continue making the environment welcoming and professional while also building friendships among members. A fun fact about me is that my dog is from Puerto Rico!

VP of Public Relations: Bella Heltmach

Major: Business Analytics and Finance
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Year: Sophomore
Email: isabella-heltmach@uiowa.edu
Bio: This spring will be my 4th semester in WIB. I’m excited to be an exec member because I’m passionate about WIB and I can’t explain how much of a positive impact it had on my freshman year. I’m excited to be a part of a team that is going to push WIB to become an even better organization. I am also looking forward to experiencing the “behind the scenes” of WIB and seeing how everything is organized and planned. My favorite thing about WIB is how welcoming everyone is. As a freshman starting school online, it was hard to feel connected with anyone, but when I joined WIB I immediately felt included. I also love hearing our guest speakers during general meetings. They are always so inspiring and give me a motivation boost. My goals are WIB are to create an informative but also an engaging and inclusive newsletter so our current members, alumni members, prospective members, and anyone else who comes across our newsletter can see how amazing our organization is and how incredible our members are. Some fun facts about me are that I love to workout, I love to travel, and when I was 16 I went to the junior olympics for beach volleyball!

VP of Sustainability: Olivia Wright

Major: Finance with Certificate in Event Management
Hometown: Peoria, IL
Year: Junior
Email: olivia-wright@uiowa.edu
Bio: This will be my 6th semester with WIB and I am beyond excited to share my ideas on how to make WIB more sustainable. I can’t wait to be more involved with events and meet more awesome people. I love meeting new people! I have met some of my best friends through WIB. My goals are to increase awareness about sustainable practices and to educate our members about how to implement those ideas in their personal and work life. A fun fact about me is that I don’t drink coffee but love the smell so I study in coffee shops!

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