How many members will be admitted into Women in Business?

  • There is not a cap on the members that WIB will be accepting. The point of the application is not to turn away individuals, but to ensure that the individuals in WIB will commit their time and effort to the organization.

How long is the membership application?

  • The membership application includes a demographic portion, 3 short answer questions and 2 “check box” questions, along with acknowledging the membership meeting and paying semester dues. The application should take an average person 15-20 minutes.

I made membership last semester. Do I need to fill out the membership application?

  • Yes, you still need to fill out the application. However, upon clicking your membership status you will bypass the 3 short answer questions and 2 check box questions.

What if I cannot make it to a membership meeting on Sunday, September 4th?

  • There will be a make-up membership meeting on Sunday, September 11th at 8PM. If you are unable to make that meeting, please send an email to shelby-portz@uiowa.edu

.What are membership dues and what do they cover?

  • Membership dues are $50 per semester or $80 per year. The dues cover a light meal at general meetings, help cover costs of the professional trip, community service activities, and events.