Spring 2023 Elections

Tippie Senate Recruiment has begun!! Follow the steps below to be on the ballot to serve as a future senator:

  1. Applications are now live and are due April 17th
    1. Application Link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lUXEG7qaw0-47HuUpVhv3JVyJKq2wzlJqWuCEx3KVNxURVcxVUhTSVFVN0VTRzVPMEdTNEVIQ05JQSQlQCN0PWcu
    2. Applicants are welcome to campaign for themselves in whatever way they see fit.
  2. Voting will be open April 17th-19th
  3. Votes will be compiled by Tippie Senators
  4. Candidates with the most votes will become our newly elected senators, and will be notified by April 20th.
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