Finance Committee: Funding and Strategic Engagement

The Tippie Senate Finance Committee focuses on strategic financial stewardship, promotion of financial wellness and corporate engagement, and empowerment of student initiatives. This is accomplished through assessing financial sustainability and implementing data-driven strategies. The Finance Committee focuses on increasing corporate engagement by ensuring every student has access to financial wellness resources as well as ensuring and promoting the allocation of funds to all Tippie organizations. This fosters a culture of innovation, transparency, financial analysis, and equity. 

Past Initiatives/Goals

  1. Allocation of funds to Tippie organizations
  2. Provided resources and guides on how to improve financial wellness
  3. Organized Tippie Senate’s internal budget


Current Initiatives/Goals

       Allocation of Funds to all Tippie Organizations

       Establishing a long-term financial plan for Tippie Senate

       Creating the guidelines and process for financial stewardship

       Increasing corporate engagement via an increase in student and business communication

       Organized and credited Tippie Senate funds


Important Contacts:

VP of Finance:

Tippie Senate advisor:

Vice President of Finance: Adam Hasan

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