Tippie Senate offers our deepest condolences to those most affected by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, among the countless others whose stories remain untold. We recognize the feelings of anger and frustration surrounding these events and understand that we cannot truly comprehend these injustices unless they are personally experienced. These events have only strengthened Tippie Senate’s commitment to create an equitable environment for people of color, especially for members of our community who are black. Tippie Senate cannot fulfill its​ duty to represent all of our students if we turn our backs on the students who are deeply affected by institutional injustices. We vow to confront racial discrimination in our community through education, dialogue, and action.Many wrongs need to be righted. Tippie Senate looks forward to working together with you to create a space where all of our students’ lives matter.Black lives matter. You are heard. We stand with you.
Tippie Senate
To learn more about how to help the protests, click here.
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The Tippie Senate is a student advisory board comprised of undergraduate students attending the Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. The primary objectives of the Tippie Senate are to facilitate a forum for the exchange of ideas and to provide recommendations to the Undergraduate Program Office and the Tippie College of Business concerning the educational environment, experience, and resources offered by the College of Business.

We strive to focus on the three main components of:

  • Represent the official voice within TCOB
  • Encourage interaction amongst international students, domestic students, and faculty
  • Brand Tippie College of Business in the best manner possible