What We’re Reading this Summer

In our brave new Google Reader-less world, you can't beat these sources for the latest in marketing trends.

In our brave new Google Reader-less world, you can’t beat these sources for the latest in marketing trends.

Looking up at the calendar on the office wall this morning, I had one thought:  It can’t be August already, right?

This summer, a question we heard often was “What should I be reading to keep up on the most current trends in Marketing?

I can help with that! Here are four entries in my ever-evolving setup of RSS feeds and blogs that keep me informed.  These sources provide a tremendous amount of content to get (and keep) you up to speed.

  • Feedly:  It’s not actually content per se. But in the brave new Google Reader-less world (so long, old friend), Feedly has risen to the top of my list for RSS feed aggregation.  Its PC and Mac interface categorizes content in a left-nav feel, and its iOS integration for the iPad makes reading RSS feeds – like those from MediaPost below – a breeze.
  • MediaPost RSS:  Perhaps the best collection of marketer-specific RSS feeds you’ll find. Their “Online Media Daily” is on my daily must-read list, as is their Online and Search Insider. These feeds paired with Feedly make for a marketer’s daily news source dream.
  • MarketingProfs: A collection of easily-digestible marketing content for corporate marketers and entrepreneurs alike.  The “Real Time” tab is segmented by topic, so you can immerse yourself in both recent and relevant news quickly.  (Tip:  They offer a deep discount on their PRO membership for students.  It’s well worth the annual subscription.)
  • Mashable MarketingTouted as “a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation”, Mashable brings tremendous insights into Social Media and digital trends.  Some is entertaining and some is more serious, but their snack-sized content is a great barometer of what’s happening in digital.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a book that I thoroughly enjoyed recently, although it isn’t marketing-themed exclusively. Judgment Calls: 12 Stories of Big Decisions and the Teams That Got Them Right by Thomas H. Davenport and Brook Manville centers around decision making, and is a great read for any prospective or current marketer.

What sources do you look to for news about marketing? Are you reading anything that’s keeping you awake past  your bedtime?

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