Unorthodox Internship(s)

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The majority of M.B.A. candidates do internships and internship-related activities after their first year of studies. I was no exception to this rule, but I took a somewhat unusual course of action with regard to my internship(s). Yes, I decided to go over and above the standard call of duty and do not one but two internships over the course of this past summer.

A goal of mine was to stay in Iowa City over the summertime. Now I tend to enjoy “college towns,” especially in the good old summertime, but this was not my prime motivation for staying in the Corridor. No, I was here to steer the ship at KRUI-FM, where I serve as General Manager. The summer was a perfect time to revamp strategy and address issues both large and small that tend to get swept under the proverbial rug during the fall and spring semesters. Now while I could have also designated myself as an intern in addition to being GM, I did not go this route for fear of confusing people. (Also, three internships is probably overkill.)

KRUI aside, I joined a couple of small ventures based here in beautiful Iowa City – and

At I was involved primarily in business development and selling people on the idea of the site. You are probably wondering what exactly Seedlauncher is. The business is a crowd-funding-for-equity platform that allows users to receive shares in the companies that they back. Crowd-funding-for-equity is a relatively new phenomenon and the S.E.C. is currently crafting the rules and regulations that will govern the process. Look for these rules to be released sometime in early 2013.

I am still employed by the second venture that I mentioned – Tutor Universe, Inc. This firm aims to disrupt the global private tutoring industry by creating a free market for tutoring online using social media and integrated e-learning tools. So far I’ve been involved in many aspects of marketing the site and continue to concentrate my energies in that realm.

By far the most rewarding aspect of both internships has been being given the opportunity to work closely with entrepreneurs. Working in small, tightknit teams has been an awesome experience as well.  Tippie, and in particular the Strategic Innovation Academy, do a fantastic job of preparing students who come from all sorts of previous positions and industries (like me, for instance) and introducing them to concepts, ideas, and people that can help propel them into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

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