The best part of a trip to Minneapolis

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Last Thursday, Tippie MBA students had the opportunity to road trip it up to Minneapolis for the Fall Career Exploration trip. Students from each Bradley Fritzacademy got to visit some great companies and network with alumni.

I had the chance to talk to first-year MBA students, Michael Emgarten ’15 and Bradley Fritz ’15, about what they enjoyed most during trip:

“I was amazed at how I was able to picture myself working at most of the companies we visited.  I didn’t think there would be opportunities for me at a couple of the companies because I have such a specialized background and a targeted career search.  After hearing our alums talk, as well as networking with the managers we met, I found that there are many areas of interest for me at these companies.  It just goes to show that you can never think you know everything about a company, because just about the time you do, you may close the perfect opportunity.” ~ Bradley Fritz ’15

“I thought that the Tippie Table Talks was a very valuable experience.  It was interesting to talk to alumni who had graduated within the last few years and hear about what skills and classes they found most valuable for succeeding in their first job, and then speak to alumni who had graduated 15 or more years ago and hear that it was primarily the friends they made and the experiences that they had while at Tippie that were still valuable to them.” ~ Michael Emgarten ’15

Tippie Table Talks is a networking event that offers current Tippie MBA students a chance to sit down with Tippie alumni and learn from their experiences. A sort of “speed networking” event, Tippie Table Talks is a chance to gain insights from successful alums in different industries, while enjoying some food in a comfortable atmosphere.



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