Student Profiles

One great thing about having a close-knit program? We get to know all of our students, some even before they arrive on campus. Select a class below to see selected profiles of our students.

2016Class of 2016

Meet the newest Tippie MBA incoming class — the graduating class of 2016!



Class of 2015

Whether from China, India, Brazil, or the U.S., or one of  eleven U.S. states (so far), they’re a varied bunch!



Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 is a unique mix of students from ten countries (including Ecuador, Egypt, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe) and U.S. states from Florida to California. The group has a wide variety of backgrounds, including a college gymnast, Fulbright scholars, several “Tippie Tweet” competition winners, Teach for America veterans, and much more.



Class of 2013

Spanning a total of 24 states and countries, the Class of 2013 brings together students from all walks of life and myriad professional backgrounds. From consultants to lawyers and oil and gas engineers to biomedical researchers (and a former Broadway actress added to the mix) this latest entering class has expertise that spans a full spectrum.



Class of 2012

The incoming class in fall of 2010 hailed from 21 states and 8 countries, from California to New Jersey and Nigeria to Kazakhstan. The roster included two doctors, a graduate of the Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving, a young Iowan who speaks five languages fluently, and the notorious placekicker credited with Iowa’s ’09 comeback victory over Penn State.

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