Steps toward success in your post-MBA job search

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You returned to business school to change or advance your career.  In either scenario, your primary goal is to acquire the skills to transform your career in some way.

At Tippie, you will learn the tools and gain competencies necessary to excel in your chosen field. However, equally important to skill building in the classroom will be the time and effort needed to conduct a successful job search.  Here are three steps that are critical to starting your job search:

  1. Craft a results-driven resume that will capture the attention of recruiters.
  • The bullets under your experience should not only highlight what you did in your role, but why or how you did it and most importantly, the results or intended impact.
  • Work with both Career Services and your Academy Director to strengthen your resume.  Multiple revisions will help to make sure that you have a strong document to use to apply for roles and at upcoming career fairs.
  1. Build your personal brand and value proposition.
  • Your unique brand message articulates what you can offer, provides a good indicator of what it would be like to work with you, and supports how you contribute and make things happen.
  • Start by asking – what are your values, motivators, skills, and interests?  These are the basis for understanding your personal brand and value proposition.
  1. Build your business network.
  • Create or update your LinkedIn Profile and begin connecting with current Tippie students and alumni.
  • Update your current network.  Let them know that you are pursuing your MBA  and keep them updated about notable achievements throughout the program.  You never know when they might have a connection that leads to a career opportunity.
  • For additional networking tips, visit this blog entry from last year:

Clearly there are many more steps to conducting a job and internships search, but if you can start with the three steps listed above, you will be well on your way to job search success.


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