One down, three to go

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When I started at Tippie this fall, my roommate found it hilarious to call me a “freshman.”  Now that I am a quarter of the way done with the two-year program, he can no longer say that.

I’m glad that I made the decision to go back to school; I think it was the best way to jump-start my career.  However, I was definitely not ready for what lie ahead when I arrived at Impact Week months ago.

Eat your heart out, Tom Selleck.

Eat your heart out, Tom Selleck.

I remember the first person I talked to Monday morning was Dylan Salisbury, he of the impeccable mustache.  Not very many people can pull off that kind of facial hair, but Dylan makes it look easy.

Later in the week, we were divided into teams and asked to do a case presentation in under 24 hours.  My group finished our slides around midnight, when Pappajohn Business Building closed.  We met in Java House at 6:00 the next morning to rehearse for our 9:00 presentation.

I thought, “What did I get myself into?”  Classes hadn’t even started yet and I was already burning the candle at both ends for an assignment that wasn’t even graded.

It’s funny to look back on, because I think of my teammates so differently now.  At that point, everyone still had their guard up and had not revealead their true personalities.

My main man Raj Patankar seemed quiet and serious.  Now I know him as a quirky Indian guy, who owns his own ping pong paddle, and bought me a BS button keychain as a gag gift for Christmas.

I honestly could not be happier with my teammates.  All four of them are cool people and I thought we got along pretty well.

We accomplished a lot this fall – oftentimes the workload hit me like a freight train.  I think my time management skills are still in need of some development, but they’re getting better.

I was able to get decent grades too.  Although I’m still waiting on my Operations scores, I did learn about the Japanese philosophy of “kaizen” or continuous improvement, which I will be implementing when courses resume in the spring.

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