New Student Profile: Garik Himebaugh

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of profiles we’ll be posting over the summer to introduce everyone to our incoming Class of 2018. Enjoy getting to know our new students as they get to know each other, our current students, staff, and the entire Tippie community!

Undergrad Institution: George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USAGarik Himebaugh

Undergrad Major: Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Hometown: Warrenton, Virginia, USA

Current City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Current Employment: Prior to coming to Tippie, I worked as a Business Consultant at Confluence in Pittsburgh, PA. Confluence builds data management software for Asset Management companies, so those companies can automate processes such as the annual holdings reports and monitoring mutual fund portfolio performance. What I enjoyed most about this role was the ability to utilize advanced problem solving skills, having access to other resources that could help you, but also being able to troubleshoot more complex issues until a solution was created. Additionally, the opportunity to mentor and help others grow was wonderfully rewarding.

Why I chose Tippie: Initially I was impressed with the rankings and the stats of the program. Then when I dug a little deeper I was impressed with the alumni donations the program receives, and the number of experiential learning opportunities that I want to get involved with. However, coming to Iowa City and meeting the program staff is ultimately why I chose Tippie. The dedication and passion of all of the staff, and knowing that if you work hard towards your goals they will be there to support you, made this the right fit.

What are you looking forward to most about living in Iowa City? I’m looking forward to being surrounded by people that are passionate and smarter than me, and the opportunity that presents for making lifelong friends, as well as potential colleagues and future business partners.

About Kyle Sanford

Kyle Sanford joined Tippie in 2014 as Associate Director of MBA Recruiting. Originally from Runnells, IA, Kyle is a proud alum of the University of Iowa and believes Iowa City just may be one of the greatest places on Earth.