MBA Oath Ceremony

2nd Year Scott Marsh signs the MBA Oath

Net Impact held the first ever MBA Oath signing ceremony at the Tippie School of Management. The MBA Oath is a commitment for business professionals to uphold the highest ethical standards throughout their careers, and after being launched at Harvard Business School in 2009, the Oath has been signed by over 6000 students at over 40 business schools worldwide. While Tippie has always been known for producing ethically minded business leaders, offering Iowa’s MBAs the chance to sign the Oath will help reaffirm Tippie’s strong commitment to ethics.

Throughout the fall, Net Impact held discussions with students, faculty, and staff about the Oath and its meaning. Leaders of Tippie’s MBA student organizations chatted about the Oath over lunch, and a debate about the Oath and business ethics was held with all second-year students in the course ‘Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism’. First-year students were introduced to the MBA in their introductory management class.

The signing ceremony was attended by about 65 members of the Tippie community, including first and second-year students, faculty, and staff. The keynote speaker of the event was Dr. Bruce Johnson, a professor of accounting with strong interest in and expertise of professional ethics. Dr. Johnson spoke about previous financial crises dating back to the Great Depression, their impact on society, and the need for ethically grounded leaders in today’s business world. After Dr. Johnson’s remarks, students were invited to publically sign the Oath, and 25 chose to do so. The event was a reaffirmation of Tippie’s longstanding commitment to produce MBAs who responsibly create value and manage resources justly.

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