January “One-And-Done” is Iowa MBA’s Largest Yet

Iowa’s MBA program has plenty of reasons to celebrate lately.  They were recently ranked #1 for post-graduation salary increases and they took 2nd Place in the ECG case competition.  One more thing that has Iowa MBA recruiters smiling is the size of their recent “One-and-Done” event.

One-and-Done is an accelerated recruiting event.  It was implemented a few years ago to make the admissions process more streamlined.  The event essentially streamlines the MBA application process, with applicants receiving a final admissions decision and potential financial aid package within 24 hours of their interview.  This program has become very popular with both internationals as well as domestics with the most recent One-and-Done bringing 12 applicants onto campus in a single day, the largest group yet.

“People appreciate not having to wait several months to find out if they will be making a life changing decision.”  Says Bailey Carlisle, Interim Assistant Director for MBA and Recruiting.  “We really like having the option to wave the essay, which causes a lot of stress for some applicants.”

One-and-done’s take place across the country throughout the year, however Carlisle feels that the Iowa City events are particularly strategic.  “On campus one-and-done’s are huge because the applicants come to campus and have the chance to meet with all the members of our team.  In addition to their one hour interview they get to meet with career services one-on-one.”  A career service team member has the chance to go in depth with the applicants career goals and desires.

“We have noticed that our yield is much higher when we actually bring them to campus, especially students who have never experienced Iowa City before.  They are usually surprised in a good way because they see Iowa City’s vibrant nature and how diverse Iowa is, culturally.  It really breaks the stereotype most people have about Iowa.” Says Carlisle.

Interviewees arrive, meet with career services, student services, their academy director, and dean Dave Deyak.  They go through an hour long admissions interview.  If possible they meet with Director Michael Williams to learn more about Iowa MBA consulting.  They go out to lunch with current students in downtown Iowa City.  The full day is about 4-5 hours long.

“I am feeling very excited for this coming fall.” Carlisle says.  “We have seen a lot of interest early on, more than in prior years and especially for our domestic applicants.  We’ve brought more students to campus, this previous one-and-done was our largest ever.  We’ve had awesome candidates.”

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