Iowa City is an Awesome City (Except for The Crows)

Iowa City’s Old Capitol. Thanks to global weirdness, this winter has been pretty mild, with highs of 55 tomorrow and then snow in the forecast for Wednesday.

More than a few of my colleagues took advantage of the GLO experience here at the Tippie School of Management. This involved going abroad and leaving Iowa City for a portion of the winter break. I did not participate in the GLO experience, but instead passed the majority of the time either in Iowa City or in Wisconsin, where I originally hail from (Go! Pack !Go!).

At any rate, I am a rather big fan of the “College Town at Rest,” and beautiful Iowa City, IA is nothing if not a College Town par excellence. This is wonderful for more than a few reasons. For instance – the number of potential “distractions” is arguably lesser in a town with a population size just south of 70,000 residents than a mid-sized or large city.  What this means is that one can really get their nose to the proverbial grindstone in the course of pursuing a degree at the University of Iowa. However, this is not to say that there is “nothing to do” in Iowa City during the breaks – no, far from it.

Some of my favorite times and memories in and of Madison, WI occurred when I was an undergraduate in that swell city during the breaks from classes, specifically when the majority of the student population filters itself out of town. The same is definitely holding true of my experiences here in beautiful Iowa City.

Summer and winter both are great times to be in town. There are a host of festivals and cultural events that take place in the good old summertime. As for winter, it gets pretty cold and miserable outside, but there is plenty in the way of quality food and drink to be had, to say nothing of good old-fashioned upper-Midwestern hospitality. (That stuff comes in heaps around here. HEAPS.)

If you are a big fan of libraries (as I am), not only is the University’s collection of books phenomenal, but the Iowa City public library is also a great institution located on the lovely downtown pedestrian mall. Iowa City is a UNESCO City of Literature after all. Additionally, the music scene is rather vibrant – I’ve been to many an entertaining show while in beautiful Iowa City.

The one and only issue I have with this town is the murder of crows that lives here [link:] within the confines of the Iowa City Metropolitan Statistical Area. When this large flock manifests itself, the scene is rather reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds. And while the birds do not violently “attack” in the same way Hitch’s birds did, the evidence of the avian creepsters having been there is unmistakable.

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