Internship Success Words of Wisdom

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Tippie second-year students have returned to campus with excellent internship experiences and the chance to apply what they’ve learned to their work within a company. We can all learn a lot from others’ experiences. Learn about Avishek Dey’s summer with Amazon:

Where did you intern this summer?

I spent the summer as a Pathways operations intern with Amazon. I was primarily involved on two projects. The first was to develop a flexible labor-planning model, which enabled the planning of manpower for quality assurance, based on the expected number of defects that might get introduced into the system. The second was to improve the quality check procedures leading to a 13% improvement and an estimated cost savings of $235,000 per year at one fulfillment center.

What was the biggest surprise about your summer experience?

I was completely bowled over by Amazon’s unique culture. One has to experience it to appreciate it. It is extremely fast-paced, very analytical, and challenges one to shape up as a leader. Plus, you can bring your dogs to work.

What advice can you give to first-years currently looking for internships?

The importance of starting the internship search early cannot be undermined. September is the right time to start. But nothing is more important than networking. It is not easy, and the results that you realize out of networking will not be immediate. But this should not discourage you. Look at networking as a relationship building process. Like all other relationship building processes, networking also takes time. But once you build this relationship it starts paying dividends over time. Not only can you bank on your network to search for jobs, but you can always rely on your network to find out about the culture of the organizations, the interview processes, and unique aspects of companies, which are otherwise not public knowledge. This can help you stand out during your interviews and almost always works in your favor.

Additionally, I suggest that you work very closely with the Career Services team. They have an excellent network and great knowledge. Make sure to partner with them to streamline your job search. Setting clear expectations and then working on them in conjunction with the Career Services team will definitely help you achieve your goals.


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