Internship Insight: Seth Goldstein

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Tippie second-year students have returned to campus with excellent internship experiences and the chance to apply what they’ve learned after one year of B-school under their belts. As all students begin or continue their job searches, Seth Goldstein talks about his internship:

Where did you intern?
I interned at the State of Wisconsin Investment Board as a securities analyst intern. I covered the 60 companies in the retail industry of the MSCI World Consumer Discretionary Index. I built models on 35 of the companies including a base, bull, and bear cases and covered the daily news and events for all 60. Also, I met with sell-side analysts and company management teams to gain insights into a company’s future. This helped me to have a more accurate picture of the intrinsic value of companies. I took away many valuable insights from my experience. First, I confirmed that I love working as an equity research analyst. Second, I learned how both the buy-side and sell-side interact, as well as how to think about analyzing securities in terms of portfolio objectives and constraints.

How did you approach your internship search?
For my internship, I tried almost every approach possible, including attending career fairs, searching and applying for internships through multiple websites (Symplicity [Tippie’s internal recruiting site], GoingGlobal,, etc.), as well as networking with alumni, CFA Society of Chicago members, and other professionals in the investments industry.

What was the biggest surprise for you about your summer experience?
My interactions with sell-side analyst and company management teams came as the biggest surprise. Additionally, I was surprised about how encouraging my co-workers were. I felt as if I was a part of the team!

What advice do you have for first-years just starting their internship search?
I would advise first-year students to look for an internship in multiple ways and places. At the same time, I advise trying to learn about a position within a company and how the different departments are responsible for different functions. Knowing how your potential internship would fit within a company, as well as the daily activities of the position, will go a long way in helping you position yourself as the ideal candidate.

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