Twelve New Henry Fund Analysts Selected

The Henry Fund is a $3.1 million endowed equity portfolio that provides a forum for select students to develop equity research and portfolio management techniques while serving as managers.  The two‐semester program fulfills the experiential learning component for full‐time MBA students in the Investment Management or Corporate Finance tracks of the Finance Academy.

This year, applicants prepared an original equity research report for PulteGroup, Inc. (PHM), one of America’s largest home building companies.  Students’ submissions were required to include a cover page, resume, grade report, and research report.

I caught up with a couple of my classmates to ask them about getting into Henry Fund.

How did you prepare for your presentation?

Katie Carlson

Katie Carlson

The assignment was given to us 2 months before we had to turn it in and present, so we had plenty of time to prepare our thesis.  I started my research early on, and did little by little when I had free time, however the majority of the time I spent on the thesis was completed over Thanksgiving break.  My preparation included significant research on the company, and was more focused on their performance over the last 2 years, as the company operated at a net loss from 2008-2011, which made the analysis more difficult.  It also included significant research on the home building industry and whether or not the home builder industry was recovering from the recession, and research on the general state of the economy.  For the presentation piece, we had 3 minutes to cover our investment recommendation followed by 7 minutes of questions from the current Henry Fund team and advisors.  I prepared my presentation by outlining the key points that I felt were most important to support my “buy” recommendation of PulteGroup’s stock.

Describe your experience presenting.  What are your thoughts on the selection process?


Nick Viner

I conducted extensive research and analysis not only on the stock itself but also on competitors and the industry. It is important not to look at the information in a vacuum but to understand the context.

Presentations are always a bit nerve racking for me so I tend to over prepare which alleviates the tension to a degree. The actual presentation time is short at only three minutes so the chief difficulty is distilling down all the research into the most vital points.

The process requires significant preparation which is a positive due to the time requirements that come with participating in the fund.

Katie and Nick’s hard work paid off when they were 2 of 12 students selected for the prestigious research team. (The full list is included below.)  Henry Fund will give these individuals real world experience in the high pressure world of finance, as their recommendations will be reviewed and scrutinized by an advisory board of financial professionals prior to approval.

2014 Henry Fund Members:

Katie Carlson
Adam Conzemius
Qi Cui
Jarom Dilworth
Michael Emgarten
Michael Fleagle
Jin Guang
Jake Johnson
Karen Rubel
Nick Viner
Adam Walter
Daniel Yu

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