An Energy Giver

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In this week’s Finance Academy session, we had the opportunity to hear the experiences and tips from a recent Tippie graduate. Carl Schumacher is participating in the Finance MBA Leadership Development Program at Johnson & Johnson and is a 2010 graduate of the Tippie School of Management. Mr. Schumacher is also an alumnus of the Henry Fund, having covered the Telecom and Utilities sectors. As the current telecom analyst, it is great to hear from past Henry Fund alums, especially when they indicate the Henry Fund as the class that most prepared them for their internship and full-time placement.

Mr. Schumacher provided the Finance Academy with an overview of Johnson & Johnson as well as J&J’s Finance MBA Leadership Development Program. As a second year student, it is very encouraging to hear from a recent graduate. Mr. Schumacher provided Tips for Success as well as overall career thoughts.

Mr. Schumacher’s Tips for Success in the J&J MBA FLDP are applicable in our internships and first year of full-time placements. First, know the ante to be in the room. Whether it be analytical or finance skills, have the skills to get a seat at the table. Second, network, network, network. Many companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, are relationship based. However, I think this advice applies regardless of company or industry. Third, have intellectual curiosity. Take advantage of all opportunities to learn. Fourth, aim high, but have realistic expectations. Keep in mind the sky’s the limit, but you have to have a foundation to build upon.

To conclude his time with us, Mr. Schumacher provided the following career thoughts:

  • Take advantage of opportunity/Get out what you put in – I took this to mean make the most of every opportunity. I believe this is why so many of us are attracted to the Henry Fund and Leadership Development Programs. Both of these programs require participants to put in a higher level of effort than average; hence, participants get out a higher level than the average experience.
  • Persistence – There is a fine line between persistence and being a pest, but persistence pays off as it is a trait many leaders and managers admire.
  • Be an energy giver, not an energy taker – Mr. Schumacher admitted this is advice he received from the School of Management’s great Career Services team while he was at Tippie. People hire people they want to be around. Oftentimes at Career Fairs or in interviews, it is hard to remember this piece of advice, but it is spot on.
  • Maintain your bridges – Mr. Schumacher shared examples from his career where maintaining connections even after leaving a company can pay off when it is time for a change. This relates to the network, network, network advice.
  • Everybody graduates  – Just because you have a particular degree, you are not entitled. At each new level, be it undergrad from high school, graduate school from undergrad, or any new job, the expectations and the talent pool rise. Those that are successful take their game up a level and continue to work hard to achieve.

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