A Warm Welcome to Chelsea Galoni

Background: Chelsea joins the Tippie team from southern Ontario, Canada. She studied marketing and marketing research as an undergrad at the University of Guelph in Ontario and received her P.h.D. from Northwestern University in Illinois. Chelsea is also teaching a section of the Consumer Behavior course this semester.

Research Interests: Chelsea’s research focuses on the study of emotions, looking at how environmental factors influence consumer’s emotions and how they affect our consumption decisions. Chelsea’s current research is focused on how reminders of illness affects how we feel and buy, as well as affect our creativity. She has also been involved in research surrounding the topics of social comparison influencing creativity and authenticity, and how Artificial Intelligence methods influence they products that consumers purchase.

Research Outcomes: From her research, Chelsea hopes to be able to design environments that allow customer creativity. She believes that consumer creativity is an important skill in society, so her research tries to understand how reminders of our environments can affect creativity to improve the environments in the workplace.

Why Tippie? “All of the faculty.” She described the faculty members here as nice, humble, and extremely intelligent, and loves getting to meet people across all disciplines. She also enjoys teaching and looks forward to building her skills and getting to know the students.

Favorite Thing About Iowa City: Chelsea has loved getting familiar with the “beautiful town” that is Iowa City. Her favorite things so far have been the downtown Farmer’s Market and the people, both at Tippie and in the community.

McKenzie Fuller

Fuller, McKenzie - Graduate Research Assistant

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