Johannes Ledolter

Analyzing Textual Information
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We have used two basic copyrighted databases in this book, one derived from the Congressional Globe for the 39th Congress, and the other derived from several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States. These databases are not public domain. We have copyrighted them because we have spent many years building them into a usable form for this book and other projects.

You may only access the 39th Congress files, combine39.txt and PrelimData.RData, from our website for use with this book. You may not transfer, give, sell, or publish this database, or parts of this database, in any form. If you wish to use the database for publication, or for any other use, please seek written permission from Lea VanderVelde, Director of the RAOS project, at The Territorial papers database (datacomb.csv) is also under copyright and currently not available for use.