Joyce Berg

 Joyce E. Berg
   Professor of Accounting

  Office:    S284 PBB
  Phone: (319) 335-0840
  Fax: (319) 335-1956

Academic History

Fields of Teaching Interests

Current Work

"Accuracy and Forecast Standard Error of Prediction Markets," Working Paper, July 2003. (with Forrest Nelson and Tom Rietz).

"Do Unto Others: A Theory and Experimental Test of Interpersonal Factors in Decision Making Under Uncertainty," Working Paper, July 1997. (with Tom Rietz).

"The Iowa Electronic Market: Stylized Facts and Open Issues," Chapter 7 in Information Markets: A New Way of Making Decisions, R. Hahn and P. Tetlock, editors, AEI/Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies, 2006. (with Tom Rietz)

"Longshots, Overconfidence and Efficiency on the Iowa Electronic Market," Working Paper, January 2002. (with Tom Rietz).

"Preference Reversals: The Impact of Truth Revealing Incentives," Working Paper, July 2005. (with John Dickhaut and Tom Rietz).

"Searching for Google’s Value: Using Prediction Markets to Forecast Market Capitalization Prior to an Initial Public Offering," Working Paper, March 2006. (with George Neumann and Tom Rietz).

Selected Publications

"Risk Preference Instability Across Institutions: A Dilemma," (with John Dickhaut and Kevin McCabe), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, March 25, 2005, Vol. 102, Issue 11, pp 4209-4214.

"Consensus and Differences of Opinion in Electronic Prediction Markets," (with Thomas Gruca and Michael Cipriano), Electronic Markets, 2005.

"Preference Reversals and Induced Risk Preferences: Evidence for Noisy Maximization," (with John Dickhaut and Thomas Rietz), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2003.

"Prediction Markets as Decision Support Systems ," (with Thomas Rietz), Information Systems Frontiers, 2003.

"Capital Markets Experience for Financial Accounting Students" (with John Dickhaut, Jack Hughes, Kevin McCabe, and Judy Rayburn), Contemporary Accounting Research, 1995.

"Trust, Reciprocity, and Social History," (with John Dickhaut and Kevin McCabe), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 10, 1995, pages 122-142.

"The Individual versus the Aggregate," (with John Dickhaut and Kevin McCabe), in R. Ashton and A. Ashton, eds., Judgment and Decision Making Research in Accounting and Auditing, Cambridge University Press, 1995.

"Moral Hazard and Risk Sharing: Experimental Evidence," (with Lane Daley, John Dickhaut, and John O'Brien), Research in Experimental Economics, 1992.

"Experimental Methods in Accounting: A Discussion of Recurring Issues," (with Don Coursey and John Dickhaut), Contemporary Accounting Research, 1990.

"Controlling Preferences for Lotteries on Units of Experimental Exchange," (with Lane Daley, John Dickhaut, and John O'Brien), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1986.

"Preference Reversal and Arbitrage," (with John Dickhaut and John O'Brien), Research in Experimental Economics, 1985.

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