Description: Anand Vijh

Professor of Finance
Marvin and Rose Lee Pomerantz Chair in Finance
University of Iowa
Henry B. Tippie College of Business
108 Pappajohn Business Building
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000.
Phone: (319) 335-0921 (voice), (319) 335-3690 (fax).

Recent Research

Meng, Bo, and Anand Vijh, 2017, Stock merger activity and industry performance, working paper.

Nain, Amrita, and Anand Vijh, 2016, Do managers provide misleading earnings guidance before stock repurchases?, working paper.

Collins, Daniel, Raunaq Pungaliya, and Anand Vijh, 2017, The effects of firm growth and model specification choices on tests of earnings management, The Accounting Review 92, 69-100.

Redouane, Elkamhi, Raunaq Pungaliya, and Anand Vijh, 2013, What do credit markets tell us about the speed of leverage adjustment?, Management Science 60, 2269-2290.

Vijh, Anand, and Ke Yang, 2013, Are small firms less vulnerable to overpriced stock offers?, Journal of Financial Economics 110, 61-86.

Pungaliya, Raunaq S., and Anand Vijh, 2009, Do acquiring firms manage earnings?, working paper.

Vijh, Anand M., and Ke Yang, 2008, The acquisition performance of S&P 500 firms, working paper.

Cai, Jie, and Anand M. Vijh, 2007, Incentive effects of stock and option holdings of target and acquirer CEOs, The Journal of Finance 61, 1891-1933.

Vijh, Anand M., 2006, Does a Parent-Subsidiary Structure Enhance Financing Flexibility?, The Journal of Finance 61, 1337-1360.

Cai, Jie, and Anand M. Vijh, 2005, Executive stock and option valuation in a two state-variable framework: Allowing optimal investment of outside wealth in the riskfree asset and the market portfolio, The Journal of Derivatives 12, 9-27.

Billett, Matthew, and Anand M. Vijh, 2004, The Wealth Effects of Tracking Stock Restructurings, The Journal of Financial Research 27, 559-583.

Tiwari, Ashish, and Anand M. Vijh, 2004, Sector Fund Performance: Analysis of Cash Flow Volatility and Returns, working paper.


FIN: 1300        First-year seminar

FIN: 3200        Investments

FIN: 4210        Futures and Options

FIN: 4240        International Finance

FIN: 9200        Portfolio Management

FIN: 9210        Derivatives

FIN: 9240        International Finance

MBA: 8180     Managerial Finance




Tippie Finance Department

Henry B. Tippie College of Business

University of Iowa