Survey for all undergrads

We often do marketing surveys, like the one recently for Pat’s Diner, but this survey is totally different and ONLY done every OTHER year. This online survey asks about the student experience, and it is distributed to all Iowa students, and to students at other big research schools. We use the data to help decide how to improve the student experience.

If you are a current undergraduate, please click and answer! Your responses will be anonymous but the overall results will be seen and considered by many of us here on campus. Thank you!

Welcome back!

Its hard to call this “spring semester” when it was 0 degrees this morning, but it is indeed, technically, spring semester. And before you know it, it will be May and some of you will be graduating, others headings off for internships or study abroad. It all happens so quickly.

For that reason, I encourage you to be thoughtful about how you use your time over the next 2-3 weeks. In these next few weeks you will set patterns that become habits that will determine how well you do this semester. Make smart and healthy choices about getting to class, finishing work on time, eating healthy, sleeping well, and getting exercise, and AMAZING things will happen for you. And make sure to connect with friends and professors and advisers who will help you. Have you looked at your degree audit recently or met with an adviser or tutor? Make plans to do that now, so you can verify that you are on the right track.

Welcome back, and happy first week of classes. Let’s see what amazing things we can accomplish together!

End of semester tips

I can’t believe it is the last day of class! Fall semester is winding down. To all students, I hope classes went well and you are feeling on top of things as you finish projects and papers and study for exams.

Upper-level students have this down to a science, but it is worth repeating for others. Here are a few tips at the end of the semester:

  1. Sleep.  You need multiple hours of sleep to form memories and be able to think clearly. Plan  your study (and project) time realistically to include significant periods of sleep (at least 3-hour blocks, preferably longer).

2. Eat and drink. With this cold, the heat is on constantly and is very drying. Make sure to drink lots of water, and eat healthy protein and fats. These will give you longer-lasting energy than any carbohydrate. You should not try to get by on a diet of XXTRA Flaming Hot Crunchy Cheetos and Mt. Dew.

3. Move. Walk briskly between classes and hit the gym for even 20 minutes if you can. Blood flow helps improve the clarify of your thinking and reduces stress.

4. Seek guidance. If you have questions or are feeling stressed, ask for help! There are hundreds of people on this campus standing by ready to help. Contact me if you aren’t sure WHO you should contact.


Best wishes for finals and for a fantastic winter holiday. May the season bring you all the joy you could wish for and more!

All students: Please answer this survey!

The university is conducted a campus-wide safety survey focused on sexual misconduct. The information gathered from this survey will be used to inform the UI Anti-Violence Plan ( and support our ongoing efforts to address sexual misconduct on campus and in our community.

The university conducted the first Speak Out Iowa survey in 2015, and we hope to get your opinion and experiences included in this year’s data. To learn more about the survey please visit the website

Recognize a great faculty member!

The President and Provost Teaching Award is highest level of achievement in teaching given at the University of Iowa. It is distinct from the Tippie Collegiate Teaching Award, and has a separate nomination process that occurs each fall.

I encourage you to nominate outstanding faculty with sustained records of teaching excellence and commitment to student learning. The Council on Teaching suggests that nominees possess the following qualities: “previously been recognized for excellence in teaching; are committed to spending time with students in and out of class; contribute to career success; are involved in curriculum development or enhancement; and create and use teaching materials suitable for a variety of learning styles.” A full list of criteria can be found at:

The nomination process is quite easy – just a quick click on the link below and then write a few lines about why the faculty member is great. The Dean’s Office, in consultation with the DEOs, will sort through the nominations to select those that we feel are most meritorious to move forward. Please nominate through this website no later than November 1: Nominees will be informed, and faculty always appreciate it when a student thinks of them to write even a short nomination. Thank you!


The people of Eastern Iowa, particularly long-time Cedar Rapids and Iowa City residents, know the devastation that flooding creates. Recovery from significant flooding events takes years, not months, and many people struggle to find new homes and jobs during that long period of temporary transition and permanent recovery.

Our hearts go out to all those effected by the heavy rains and flooding in the Houston area. We know that there are many amazing people working to help, but the times are tough now. If you are a student with family and friends in the area and would like to talk to someone, I encourage you to contact me, your academic advisor, or someone in University Counseling (335-7294). We are here to support you.

Tippie Fest 2017

We are welcoming new students and giving them a chance to meet up with representatives from all of our student organizations. Drop in and say hello:

Tuesday, August 29th from 3:00-5:00 p.m.
PBB Patio, Rain Location: Howe and Andersen Gallerias (pending renovation completion)
Visit our website at

Welcome back!

I’ve heard some amazing summer travel and internship stories already, and I look forward to hearing more as people begin to fill the halls of PBB again. What adventures we’ve all had, even those who stayed here in Iowa City to enjoy our summer festivals, summer classes, work, and hopefully some of our international visitors (like the Mandela Fellows, did you read about that?).

My own summer was filled with many highlights but three images stand out: Standing at the top of Grizzly Peak with my oldest daughter who was visiting University of California Berkeley, looking over the  San Francisco Bay (don’t worry, she’ll still end up at Iowa); a fully family outing to the worldclass Vail Dance Festival in Colorado; and catching up with an alum and old friend here in Iowa City, watching his 2-year old son play on the Ped Mall. What images fill your mind as you reflect on this summer? Feel free to post or send me an email!

I just sent an email to all Tippie and pre-business students, which I’ve pasted below. If you didn’t get this email this morning, please check your official @uiowa account and make sure that official Tippie emails are not getting tossed into the clutter folder, or getting lost if you have forwarding to another account (which I don’t recommend).

Have a great first week of classes! Don’t hesitate to contact me or your adviser if you have questions or want guidance.


Welcome to Fall 2017 from Tippie leadership!

What an epic, first day of class thunderstorm! We had an impressive lightening show this morning. Coupled with the solar eclipse later today, nature appears to have cooked up a dramatic way to mark the start our academic year!

I’m writing with a couple announcements and tips for how to start the semester strong. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or your academic advisor with any questions, or with requests for guidance.

Announcements: (1) Pappajohn Business Building (PBB) renovations are still underway. Please pardon the minor inconveniences as we finish first and third floor renovations (more information (2) Faculty have discretion about eclipse viewing, which begins today at 11:46am and ends 2:37pm, peaking at 1:12pm. Faculty may hold class as usual or allow viewing. Information is available about the eclipse on NASA’s website ( and there are two official viewing stations on campus (

Tips: (1) Get to every single class on time. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first year or last—punctuality is a virtue worth cultivating! (2) Introduce yourself to someone new in class, even if you already know people there – Iowa students support other Iowa students, and we can only do that when we know each other.  (3) Read each syllabus three times this week, making sure you understand the keys to succeeding in each class. (4) Check your @uiowa and your ICON account every single day. (5) Set specific goals that will help you stay on top of your classwork and your health. Think about and plan to make healthy day-to-day choices that keep you strong, including eating well, sleeping regularly, and exercising to keep your body and mind active. One example from a student who set three goals this week: Attend every class on time, walk briskly at least 30 minutes each day (unless a full CRWC workout happens), and eat a healthy breakfast each day. Set your own goals this week, and start strong.