Tippie Technology and Innovation Association (TippieTECH) started back in 1997. In the beginning the organization provided some courses to help members get Microsoft certifications. Eventually, the demand for this course grew to where the university decided to offer a new course, Network Performance and Design.

The TippieTECH Career Fair began around 2005, and the TippieTECH started competing in the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) competition in 2005 as well.

The fall of 2012 Tippie Tech grew its connection to other Tippie student organizations through a pilot program using its expertise in website development to design sites for student organizations. With the success of the this pilot program Tippie Tech launch a website design and  maintenance program the fall of 2013, the program also include training for students managing WordPress sites for Tippie student organizations. In addition to its increased involvement with other organizations, Tippie Tech developed a partnership with STEAD technology services to get members hand on experience with software development and analytics.

TippieTECH Presidents

Spring 2014 Karly Holland
Fall 2013 Karly Holland
Spring 2013 Scott Alzheimer
Fall 2012 Scott Alzheimer
Spring 2012 Dan Wu
2011 Jack Bedel
Fall 2010 Caleb Ralston
2009-10 Mark D Anderson
2008-09 Kevin Wilmarth
2007-08 Chris Heidemann
2006-07 Colin Stamler
2004-06 Cole Grolmus
2003-04 Randy Howard
2002-03 John Thompson