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Valentine’s Day Candy Grams for Faculty

Do you have a professor who deserves come recognition? Thank them with a candy gram! We will be tabling on Thursday, February 11th, but only the form at tinyurl.com/candy-gram16 needs to be filled out to participate.

Lunar New Year Celebration 2016

Come join us for the year of the monkey to celebrate Lunar New Year 2016!

Chinese New Year 2016

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Candy Grams

Candy Grams

Tippie Senate is proud to announce our four new senators for the following school year:

Stephanie Coupland
Jessica Bi
Tristan Geiser
Emily Clark

Congrats to you all, and thank you to everyone who voted! We look forward to a great 2015-2016 school year.

Today is the day! Make sure you check out each candidate’s platform and vote for you think would represent the TCOB in the best way possible:


Voting will take place today (April 23rd) and tomorrow (April 24th). Good luck to the candidates running!

Tippie Senate Elections

Hello all,

Tippie Senate elections for new senators will be taking place this Thursday (April 23rd) and Friday (April 24th). Only students that are in the Tippie School of Business are eligible to vote. We encourage you all to check out each candidate’s platform throughout the week to make sure you are making educated decisions!

Best of luck to all the candidates running. We can’t wait to see the outcomes!

Tippie Senate

Message from Ken Brown regarding the passing of Andrew Mogni:

“I am saddened to report that  Andrew Mogni, a Tippie Finance major who sustained serious injuries while studying in Rome, passed away this weekend. Our thoughts are with Andrew’s family and friends at this difficult time.

As soon as plans for a local service are announced, they will be available via my blog (http://www.biz.uiowa.edu/bizblog) and via Twitter (#prayformogni). For information, see the UI International Programs website or the Chicago Tribune story.


Do YOU want to be a senator?

Do you have new ideas for improving Tippie and think you have what it takes to be a senator? The recruitment process for new senators is coming up, so don’t miss these important dates to be eligible for voting:

50 signatures due: April 10th

Campaign begins: April 13th-15th

Voting ends: April 15th-17th

50 signatures of Tippie students are required before you are able to be voted on. Along with getting the 50 signatures, we ask that everyone completes a short online profile. The profile can be found at:



Feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns you may have.

Business Student Government Conference 3/3/15

Tippie Senate hosted its first ever Skype conference with student leaders from business schools in the Midwest. We were able to have a really productive conversation with representatives from three schools that did attend.


Schools Invited:

  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ohio State
  • University of Michigan
  • Indiana University

Schools and Representatives that Attended:

University of Wisconsin – Mimi Mei and Brian Lauscher

University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Maddy Petersen

Ohio State – Jack Renner

University of Iowa – Michael Korobov and Alisha Teutsch



(answers in italics)

Three events or programs currently being implemented:

Ohio State

  1. Business School Involvement Fair – student orgs set up tables and allow students to learn what the student orgs do
  • Our school has this but it’s not run by Tippie Senate- does your organization put this on? Yes, this is organized by the business student government at Ohio State and this helps establish us as the governing body as well as facilitates relationships between us and all the other student organizations
  1. Fishbowl event- competition that is organized between student organizations, events include a dodgeball tournament, service event, and others
  2. Recognition Ceremony- recognize outstanding faculty
  • We also have a similar ceremony but we have struggled because it has turned into a popularity contest and the same professors are winning every year, do you have this same problem? How have you alleviated it? If a faculty member wins, they are not eligible to win for another 3 years


  1. Established a way for students to meet with their Dean, asked them to have office hours that would be available for students
  2. Host a reverse career fair where speakers provide workshops for students
  3. CBA honors academy- 40 top achieving business students are grouped together in their classes and coursework


  1. Fashion Show- sponsor one child’s make-a-wish by selling tickets for an event with singing groups, other forms of entertainment and food/drinks, are able to get companies to donate things which they use in a raffle
  • This sounds like a great idea, but is it hard to attract people to attend? We sometimes have trouble getting people to attend our events. We also something have this difficulty, but never with this event. We market it by showing a picture of the kid who we are sponsoring which generates a lot of support
  1. Food for finals- we use food to lure people in but we have massage sessions, tutoring, dogs, and yoga tables for students to use during finals
  • We also have a food for finals event but we only serve food, we don’t have space in our galleria for much more, where do you host this event that has space for all of these other things? We have a large undergraduate area that we can reserve for events like this. This area is considered for undergraduate use and therefore does not bear the same restrictions on food and animals as the rest of the building does
  1. Hosted a business conference where leaders from student business governments came in and discussed their programs and initiatives in the same way we are doing now
  • Was Iowa invited to this? I don’t remember hearing about this. Iowa was invited! We emailed someone and never heard back.

One event or program that your organization is working on establishing this academic year:


  • Ticket sale based event where chips are used for raffle tickets, this allows us to bypass the gambling regulations; we will raffle off products and services and invite entertainment
  • How much did you spend and how much do you expect to make? We had a budget of $400 and expect to make $1500 on the event

Ohio State

  • Had realized that events had masked the governing aspect of our group and we wanted to return to that so we set up focus groups with students and professors on how to improve various aspects of their syllabus and class structure
  • We have thought about doing this but professors are generally resistant to having anyone tell them what to do with their classes, did you receive any pushback? Yes we definitely did from some professors, but ultimately when we explained it as a way for students to learn more many professors were happy to participate
  • What incentives did you use to get students to attend and how long were the focus groups? We provided free pizza and the focus groups were 45 minutes, we also had the support of the Dean in this which helped a lot.

Nebraska- Lincoln

  • We created office hours for our student governing group because we found that some students were too intimidated to go to an advisor or administrator when they had concerns, this allowed us to act as liaisons and represent the student’s concerns
  • One concern I can envision with this is that these office hours may not be attended, how has the attendance been for this? At first, it was little but once we advertised the program more it is actually very well attended now

Methods for building relationships with our business student governments going forward:

  • We all agreed that we need to host more events like this
  • All groups strongly encouraged each other to reach out when we needed ideas or consultation
  • One idea that may help when organizing conferences like this is to reach out to individual student leaders rather than school administrators as this typically has the best response rate


During the conference, we discussed how each of our organizations are working to increase interaction between students or faculty, raise academic standards, and improve the environment.

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