Global Leadership Lessons

The Tippie School of Business, along with the Knapp Foundation, were greatly honored to welcome Mr. John Rice as a guest speaker.  Mr. Rice, 55, is Vice Chairman of GE and President & CEO of GE Global Growth and Operations.

One of the many highlights of Mr. Rice’s speech was the importance of international trade and removing barriers that could impede such progress.  Mr. Rice stressed that we should not fear international cooperation, as the opening of trade routes is paramount to strengthening the world economy as a whole.  He personally expressed his disappointment in any form of trade barrier, whether it be embargoes, tariffs, or any other political constraint to free trade.

Mr. Rice also stressed the importance of diversification.  He feels it is very important when first entering a career to become an expert in a particular discipline.  However, he believes those that wish to climb the ranks within a company should do everything in their power to learn parts of all company operations as one may never know when a new opportunity for growth can occur.

After enduring a 15 hour flight to donate his personal time to Tippie, Mr. Rice was enigmatic and powerful in his speech.  I know I speak for all those who attended when I say thank you, Mr. Rice.  We all learned a great deal from the time you shared with us.

You can listen to Mr. Rice’s lecture here:

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