And the 2012 Super Bowl ad winners are…

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Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year, nearly 60 of these people watched the premier game on a big screen in the University of Iowa’s Athletic Hall of Fame. However, the outcome of the game was not the focus for them – it was the ads.

The annual Super Bowl ad rating party was hosted by the Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) this past weekend. Forty-five ads were rated while four quarters of football were played. Two 1-10 scales were used to rate the ads: one on the overall quality and the second on the likelihood of the rater purchasing the product or service after seeing the ad. Lastly, the raters were asked to categorize the ad into one of four categories: Funny, Unforgettable, Boring or What brand was that again?

After calculating the ratings, the GMA found the top five overall ads and top five products raters were more likely to purchase. The funny category had the most overall ads and usually correlated with higher rated commercials.

Top 5 Overall Ads:
1) M&M’s ‘Naked Ad’
2) Tie: Honda CRV: Matthew Broderick & Chevy ‘Graduation Gift’
4) E*Trade Nursery
5) Doritos ‘Slingshot Baby’

Top 5 Products More Likely to be Purchased:
1) M&M’s
2) Doritos
3) Coca Cola
4) Budweiser
5) Hyundai

This annual GMA event drew plenty of local media attention. See the videos and articles below for details on how students felt about the ads.


ABC Local News Video







CBS Local News Video (including results)







Press-Citizen Article

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