Hong Kong GLO: Final Installment


Day 8 – 12 Jan 2013.  In the class session, Professor Henson lectured on the business themes we had learned in the first class and how they related to the businesses we visited.  The students were given ample time to discuss the visits and provide their observations of what they saw.  Next we had a guest speaker, Addie, who is a middle manager at Oracle and a good friend of Professor Henson’s.  He provided the class with insight about his workday and doing business in Hong Kong and China.  Once class was dismissed we headed to the luncheon set up and sponsored by the University of Iowa and the China Education Group.  The event was to provide a networking opportunity for the current Hong Kong students, the Hong Kong alumni and our students to connect and engage in conversations.  This was a very successful event and well attended with a total of 70 participants.  Once the luncheon was finished, we headed to Victoria’s Peak for a spectacular trip up the mountain in a tram and an awesome view of the city and the harbour.  Our evening was free to pack and get ready for our long journey home the next morning.

Katie Millard

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Patricia (Katie) Millard is the Accounting Operations Manager for the School of Management. She lives in Johnson County, Iowa where she enjoys the scenic farmlands and the country feel of Iowa. Katie is an avid reader and enjoys tracing her family history as a hobby.