How do you measure a semester in the life

A Fall Semester at Iowa

University of Iowa from Summer to Winter

School’s out for winter! Well, almost. Finals week is here and the Fall semester is but a few short days from being behind us.

As my first semester in grad school comes to a close, I realize how much it took me by surprise. While certain aspects of the program were as I had expected them to be, the one thing I did not see coming was how fast it all streamed by.

It seems like just a few days ago I was trekking to class, sweating into my business best. Now I trudge to class in my warmest winter coat, looking like an up-right camper stuck in his sleeping bag.

But the weather isn’t the only way to measure the passing time. 16 weeks, 8 classes, and myriad group projects later, and we did it – we finished the first semester of the Tippie MBA program.

The semester held a few surprised for me… good surprises that is! I was expecting a more hands-on program than I had in my undergrad, but what I experienced this semester was far more than I imagined.

Between networking opportunities, resume reviews, and mock interviews, the career services team has been amazingly helpful in the stressful internship search.

The course work was more or less what I had expected. Having done my undergrad in business at Tippie, it wasn’t exactly a world of difference — more advanced, but I knew what to expect coming in.

The major difference was the group work. I was expecting an emphasis on teamwork, but the chance to work with the same team throughout the semester was surprisingly wonderful. It was great to get to know the people you were working with and really learn each person’s strengths in the group.

Overall, my first taste of the MBA program was sweeter than I had anticipated. And although I am excited for a break like a kid is excited for his birthday, I can’t wait to see what surprises the Spring semester will bring!

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