The Passing of the Torch

TorchThis is a busy time for the Henry Fund and a time of change as well. Applications for the next team were submitted on Monday, November 26 and on Tuesday, November 27 the applicants presented their analysis to the current team, Professor Houge, Professor Garfinkel and Finance Academy Business Director Cathy Zaharis. The new team was announced Thursday. On Friday, November 30 the current Henry Fund team presented the fall research to the Advisory Board.

This weekend I reflected on my journey in Henry Fund. I remembered my application presentation a year ago, where as a career changer I was so green to my analysis and how nervous I was during my presentation. I had very little confidence in my analysis and quite frankly did not think I would be accepted to the Fund. I worked hard in the spring to learn the skills needed to build confidence before the spring research Advisory Board meeting. I have given many presentations in my MBA school career and in my previous career, but presenting to the Advisory Board makes me the most nervous. They ask tough, fair questions and you have to be very well prepared to respond. In addition, they are working in investments careers and are much more skilled than I am as a new analyst.

I was still incredibly nervous for my fall research presentation to the Advisory Board last Friday. But, this time it was different. I was confident in the analysis I was presenting. When the Advisory Board asked the tough questions, I could answer confidently and defend my position. As I reflect on my experience in Henry Fund, I have come a long way in the past year. While I am not pursuing a career in investments, I have strengthened my financial modeling skills, my ability to research to defend a position and then clearly communicate the position and supporting data in both written and verbal mediums. An alumnus speaker in Finance Academy earlier this year reminded us that you get out of your grad school experience what you put into it. The nature of the Henry Fund requires you to put more into it than any other class or activity. I have definitely gotten more out of it than any other class or activity in my grad school career. For those students in the Fund preparing for a career in investments, it is invaluable.

I look forward to seeing what the next Henry Fund team does moving forward and wish them the best of luck!


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