Tippie Students Storm Chicago

ChicagoGetting up at three in the morning to drive out to Chicago might not sound like the start to a great day, but this year’s fall trip was well worth being a little tired. For those of you who don’t know, the fall trip is Tippie’s yearly excursion out into to business community to see actual jobs held by MBA graduates. It is also a great opportunity to network with alumni at a structured dinner event hosted by the School of Management.

On this year’s trip, I was fortunate to accompany the Marketing Academy in visits to United Airlines, Microsoft Xbox Live, Leo Burnett, and Razorfish. All four companies were extremely welcoming and engaging. At each visit, alumni and other generous employees took time from their busy days and shared with us just the ins and outs of their companies. We learned how MBAs were brought into the companies and how their career paths progressed. Finally, we got to hear insights on what those who came before us know now. The experience continued as we met at Braum and Brix, a restaurant in the river north district of Chicago, with alumni from all over the area. We shared food, drinks, and stories about our experiences. Alumni were extremely helpful, and offered both advice and contacts to help us get our foot in the door at a number of companies.

After two days, we finally packed our bags and began the long drive home. We headed back to homework, tests, and job applications. However, the time we spent in Chicago will not soon be forgotten.

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