Off to an exciting start!

The second year has really started off with some amazing events!

Week 1:  Start of classes, getting back together with old friends and making new friends in the class of 2012, first ever Tippie Philanthropy Day, and Welcome Back Barbecue!  Let me tell you about Philanthropy Day, since I’m so proud of this event!

Class of 2011 presents Captain Integrity to Lucas Elementary

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I am the MBA Association VP of Philanthropy.  I wanted to start the Class of 2012 off with a very positive introduction to the Iowa City community and to our commitment to service in the Tippie Program.  The incoming members of the Class of 2012 were teamed with a member of the Class of 2011 and went to an Iowa City elementary school for the day, the first Friday of the semester.  While at the school, they decorated a puppet theater and scripted and performed a play for students in grades K-2.  The plays were centered on positive character traits (what we would call “Ethics” in grad school), such as sharing, listening, including others, and being honest.  It was wonderful to see the MBA students working together and interacting with the Iowa City community in such a positive way!

Week 2:  More classes, getting settled, Mock Interview and football season Kick-off!  I didn’t make it to the game, but  I had a great experience with the mock interview that I know will help me in the “real deal” when it comes up.  I got great advice from a Tippie Alumnus on how to answer some tough questions.  This will be a confidence booster for me!

Week 3: More classes (apparently this is something that will keep going until May), Leadership Immersion Experience, my son’s 6th birthday, and more football (again, didn’t make it to the game).  Leadership Immersion Experience is part of our LEAP curriculum.  Picture The Apprentice: We were randomly assigned to teams and given about 72 hours to raise $1000 for Habitat for Humanity Tippie Build.  The team that raises the most money is invited to dinner at the home of UIowa President, Sally Mason.  It must have been my lucky day when I drew an 8 from the deck, because my team was phenomenal!  We raised around $4,500.  We will find out tomorrow if we are the winning team, but even if we are not, we are very proud to make this contribution to the Kraina family.

With all this excitement, what in the world could week 4 bring?

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