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Ken Brown

Hello, my name is Ken Brown. I am the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program in the Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. This blog will share my thoughts on work and life. Feel free to use the comment feature to send your thoughts, questions, and feedback. Happy reading and go Hawks!

Getting ready

I am honored to be taking over Lon’s position, a transition that was just finalized this week while I am away from campus. Technically I don’t start until next week so I’m sitting in an office at San Francisco State University. I just finished a meeting with the Associate Dean here and am looking out the window at a beautiful campus quad with crooked evergreen trees and California wild flowers, but my heart is back in Iowa City. When I return next week, I’ll post my first “official” blog entry as Associate Dean.

In the meantime, know that I have been deeply committed to Tippie since my first day on campus in 1998 and that my heart and mind are already back there, digging into the challenge of this critical job for our college. Feel free to comment with a question or suggestion for how I might use this blog. I already know that my first formal entry, to be posted once I’m in the office next week, will be about a Tippie alum and friend, Jason Sissel, whom I reconnected with while here in California. Jason used to work on Wall Street but I doubt you can guess what he is doing now. Stay tuned to find out….

I am Leaving the Tippie College of Business for the “Big Dance”

Sadly this is my 909th and final blog post.  As of July 1, 2014, I started working for the University as Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of University College.  The Tippie College has started a search to find my successor as Associate Dean for the undergraduate program.  During a meeting last week, I ran into President Mason who welcomed me to the “big dance.”  Although I look forward to my new job, I will certainly miss Tippie, our students, and my staff and faculty colleagues.  Tippie has been home for me since 1999.  I guess someone will have to take my picture out of the Undergraduate Program Office window.

My Time at CIMBA in Italy is Sadly Coming to an End

Three more days of class at CIMBA, and my time in Italy will be at an end.  I have enjoyed my class, and certainly enjoyed the chance to get to know other professors from many different universities – Iowa (of course), Kansas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Kansas State, Western Michigan and West Virginia to name a few.  I caught up with some of my students from the Hong Kong MBA program who are taking MBA coursework here at CIMBA this summer.  The weather has been getting hot, so it was good to get to Lake Garda last weekend.

More “Spot on” Advice from Scott Hirleman

Tippie alum Scott Hirleman passed on the following article to me that talks about the importance of both technical and “soft skills” for successful job candidates -

A Most Interesting Class in Italy

I had a guest speaker in my Introduction to Law course today – Silvia Bordignon, Human Resources Manager for Baxi SpA, a manufacturing company with local offices in nearby Bassano del Grappa.  Ms. Bordignon spoke about the different employment and labor laws that apply to Italian employers.  Next week in our class when I talk about American employment and labor law, we will compare laws in the two countries.  Ah, the things a business law professor does for fun.

A Weekend Trip to the Dolomites

My wife Linda, Professor Christine Getz, Professor Kevin Krause and his wife Mary, traveled from CIMBA in Paderno del Grappa, Italy to almost the Italy-Austrian border in northern Italy.  The area is in the mountains and absolutely beautiful.  We visited a market in Bulzano, stayed in Merano, and visited a garden (see below) on the way back to campus.

Venice is Always a Fun Trip

We are nearing the end of the second week here at the summer CIMBA program.  My Introduction to Law students take their first examination tomorrow.  This is the first long (three-day) travel weekend in the program.  I know some students are off to Rome, others to Florence, and some off to Venice, where I went last Saturday (picture below).

Hello from Italy

I am starting my second week teaching the Introduction to Law course at the College’s program in Paderno del Grappa, Italy (CIMBA).  I have 52 students in my class, some from the University of Iowa, some from the University of Kansas, several from West Virginia University and one from the University of Nebraska.  A good class of interesting students.  There are professors here from the University of Iowa (Christine Getz, Sujatha Sosale, Kevin Krause, and Wilf Nixon), the University of Wisconsin (former Tippie professor Ty Leverty), the University of Connecticut, Western Michigan University, the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, the University of Arkansas, and West Virginia University.  We have 234 undergraduate students at CIMBA this summer from 18 different universities.  I also have the best view (see below) from my apartment in Monfumo.

Ken Brown has been teaching at the University of Iowa since 1998. Despite being born in Texas and growing up in Maryland, Ken is almost an Iowa native. His parents met here in graduate school back in the 1960's, and married soon thereafter. Without the fantastic programs here at the University to lure people from all over, Ken wouldn't be here today. Or be anywhere for that matter. View Ken's Tippie profile.