Notes from Lon Moeller, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Welcome to My Blog. Let’s Hope I Have Something Interesting to Say.

Hello, my name is Lon Moeller. I am the Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program in the Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. This is my blog. I plan to “blog” (apparently a new-aged way to say “write”) about what is going on in the College of Business for our students, alumni and anyone else who is interested in the College or the University of Iowa. Let’s all hope I have something to say.

Lon Moeller in Italy

The World Looks Differently When you Drive a Truck

I have been driving my Dad’s Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck the past few weeks – we had to haul some furniture around Iowa City.  This is the first time, since working for the City of Waverly in the 1970s, that I have driven a pickup truck.  I am getting to enjoy driving a pickup truck.  It may be hard for me to give it back.


Tippie Grad Parker Valdez Receives 2013 Alliant Energy/Erroll B. Davis Jr. Achievement Award

Tippie grad Parker Valdez received the 2013 Alliant Energy/Erroll B. Davis Jr. Achievement Award at Tuesday’s Diversity Catalyst Awards ceremony at the Iowa Memorial Union.  This award ($5,000) recognizes academic achievement in engineering or business, leadership on campus and community organizations, and potential for career success.  This is also an award that goes to students at Iowa’s three public universities.  Parker graduated in December 2013 and currently works as Director of Operations for The Boat House ( in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Congratulations to Parker.

More Sage Advice from Tippie Alum Scott Hirleman

Past Tippie Young Alumni Board member Scott Hirleman is very good about passing on ideas that Tippie students can use to ready themself for the workworld.  Most recently, Scott sent me the following link,, which supports the notion of individual branding and “being interesting” as a way of differentiating yourself from others in your field.  A good and timely read with graduation just around the corner.

A Very Tippie Day at the Honors Program’s 2014 Spring Recognition Ceremony

This past Sunday I had the privilege of attending the University Honors Program’s spring recognition ceremony.  Tippie students Skaaren Cosse, Brittany Hesse, Kristen Roehr and Jeralyn Westercamp (it was good to see Jeralyn’s folks, who I have known for some time)  were announced as 2014 Collegiate Scholars and Zhixiang Zhang was announced as a Rhodes Dunlap Collegiate Scholarship recipient.  Also, Eric Bundy received the Rhodes Dunlap Second Year Scholarship (I got to meet Eric’s folks after the ceremony – pretty cool for me) and Jeffrey Ding was selected for the Honors Fellows Project.  Congratulations to these outstanding Tippie students.

A New Member of the Tippie Family – Charlotte “Charley” Kendrick Fagerlind

Tippie alum Ben Fagerlind and his wife Erin (an Iowa College of Law alum) welcomed their first daughter (Charlotte “Charley” Kendrick Fagerlind) into the world on April 4th.  Ben is a Senior Financial Advisor and Vice President, Wealth Management for the FM group at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. in Los Angeles.  He and Erin (an attorney in Los Angeles) are enjoying Southern California, though both reguarly make it back to campus.  Congrats to Ben and Erin.  We look forward to seeing Charley some day taking courses at the Tippie College of Business.


Congratulations to “Dr. David.”

David DeGeest, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management and Organizations, successfully defended his dissertation last week and, as a result, is now an “official” Ph.D.  Dr. DeGeest worked for me several years ago as a teaching assistant for the undergraduate Dynamics of Negotiations class and has taught several undergraduate courses (including Negotiations) during his Ph.D. program.  Congratulations to David – he will be an outstanding professor.

Learning from Successful People

I admire the way that Tippie students are able to find their own individual success – both in and outside of the classroom – during their time at the University of Iowa.  It helps to talk to people who are successful – professors, family members, people in business, and other Tippie graduates among others.  During my recent visit to the University of Illinois, I listened to a talk by a person who has been promoted to a leadership position at a Big Ten university.  His advice was two-fold:  (1) work as hard as you can at whatever you do; and (2) “everything you choose to do, do it well.”

A Visit to the “Other” U of I – A Little too Much Orange for Me

I spent the past three days at a conference of Big Ten school administrators and professors at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.  It’s always fun to look at other universities.  One of our meetings was held at Memorial Stadium.  I think I still prefer the “U of I” in Iowa City – a little too much of the color orange in Urbana-Champaign.

Who, you might ask, is Lon Moeller? I am a Professor in the Department of Management and Organizations in the Tippie College of Business. I am also the Associate Dean for the College's Undergraduate Program. Before joining the Tippie faculty, I was a lawyer in private law practice (Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cedar Rapids, Iowa) and was a University Attorney for the University of Wisconsin System in Madison, Wisconsin. I am very proud to say that I have three degrees from the University of Iowa (B.B.A., MA and JD) and am a Tippie alum.

At least one person thinks I look like Russell Crowe. Some students have suggested I look like "the news guy on Fox" (Neil Cavuto) while others compare me to Peter Griffin from the Family Guy television program. You be the Judge.