Tough election

This election season was a difficult one for many people. Whoever your chosen candidate was, you probably were frustrated by people “on the other side.” And there has been hateful rhetoric and even violence over the last week.

I’d like to echo the calls on campus and nationwide for people to come together and listen to each other. In my own case, I have reached out to family members with different views and asked questions with the goal of understanding rather than persuading. I hope you will do the same, and will show that you care for and support all people, no matter their politics or identity.

In that vein, you may have noticed a few signs around the Pappajohn Business Building. Each is a little different but the message is the same: All people — no matter their politics, background, or identity — are welcome in the Tippie College of Business. We are better because of our differences.

Stay tuned for more information about conversations and meetings. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

A summer job?

A dedicated and hard-working Tippie alum reached out to me with a summer opportunity. If you don’t have an internship or summer classes lined up already, read on:

“Thanksgiving is just around the corner – do you have something lined up yet for next summer? Your family will be asking about your plans. Check out this video of Brent Sampson (Class of ’14) and others sharing about how they did with Something Different College Pro. Several Iowa students and grads have gone through the same experience. Check it out and apply HERE or reach out to Jon Swearingen (Class of ’13) at for more information.”

DRAT: Pick a healthy habit!

Over the last few weeks we have seen a lot of illnesses past around campus, and we are in the mad rush right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Now is the time when, as the saying goes, the wheels may fall off the bus. You might get sick, for example, and have a hard time catching up. Or you might get overwhelmed and blow off a few days of classes. The first step to avoiding these things from happening is to be aware that there it is more likely to occur at this time of year!

One suggestion at this time of year is to make sure you are eating well and sleeping enough (a minimum of 6 continuous hours but some people need more). Also, don’t try to do too much and don’t get down on yourself.

In that regard, it would help to pick one single change in lifestyle habits and add that to your to do list this month. What one change might you make — washing hands 3-4 more times a day? Eating two extra servings of vegetables? Adding an hour of sleep to your schedule? Picking one change has the benefit of keeping you focused, and ensuring that you can make progress. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling like you are control of your life and making progress in the right direction.

So while working on overall health and school work, consider taking on a single “life project” of adding a new healthy habit. This month I will focus on walking. I’m going to walk 3 extra miles a week. I’ll check back with you next month to tell you how it went. What will your new habit be?

Friday events

This Friday is a big day with lots of events. Here are a couple to consider, including both events here in Tippie as well as a university-wide and community event in the Iowa City Public Library. So many options to chose from. And a football game Saturday, too. Go Hawks!

Friday, October 21, 2016 | 12:30–1:20 p.m.

1st and 2nd Year Business and Pre-Business Students (W207 PBB)
Information session about picking a major, joining student organizations, and making the most your 4-year journal, all organized by distinguished young Tippie alumni.

Friday, October 21, 2016 | 12:30–1:20 p.m.

3rd and 4th Year Business Students (S207 PBB)
Information session about job and internship searches, interviewing, negotiating, and transiting to work, all organized by distinguished young Tippie alumni.

Friday, October 21, 2016 | 3–5:00 p.m.

Iowa City Public Library, Pedestrian Mall
Records of African American Excellence
Presentations by contributors to the just published book, Invisible Hawkeyes, about African American students, staff, and faculty at the University of Iowa from 1930 to 1960. This program features one scholarly panel and one alumni roundtable.

Nominate our best faculty for a university-wide teaching honor!

Please consider nominating one of your faculty members for the highest teaching award offered by the University of Iowa: The President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence. The award is for a sustained record of teaching excellence and commitment to student learning, and it has been won by a number of Tippie faculty over the years: Gale Mote (2014), Jay Christensen-Szalanski (2012), Nancy Hauserman (2010), Todd Houge (2010), and [#humblebrag] me (2009).

If you have class with an outstanding faculty member who has been teaching at Iowa for some time, then please consider submitting a nomination. To submit your nomination, visit the website below and log-in with your HawkID. The form is not long, and your nomination will determine whom the college nominates for the university-wide competition.

Thank you for helping us recognize outstanding faculty!

Tippie Launch has, well, launched

Launch Week started this past Friday with a kick-off guest speaker, Drew Butts. Drew a regional talent manager for Enterprise Holdings, has been involved in hiring over 10,000 people in his career. He knows what it takes to be successful in an internship, an interview, and on the job. By the way, Enterprise may be bigger than you think — it is the holding company for many recognized brands including Enterprise, National, and Alamo Rental agencies. Last year it had almost $20 billion (yes, with a b) in revenue and over 90,000 employees worldwide. It sits among the largest private companies in the world; if it were to go public (offering its stock on a public exchange), then it would be in the Fortune 500.

Drew explained that everyone is different and the key to success is to do more than just tolerate those differences; we have to understand and celebrate them! His first encounter with being different at work had to do with him being the only person in his team with a family. He had to learn how to tell people about it, and understand and appreciate those who did not have those responsibilities. Once he was able to do that, he had better relationships, which helped propel him into leadership roles.

Tippie Launch offers many opportunities to meet different people and learn new things. These events aren’t just for new admits to Tippie. Everyone is welcome. Don’t wait — take that step now:


As finals are wrapping up, I want to wish all of our graduates congratulations. Sometimes we take for granted the “college degree,” but it is an amazing accomplishment worthy of celebration. So celebrate and enjoy!

To those finishing up this semester to return for the summer and/or fall, congratulations on your success this year. Enjoy some time to rest and recover, so you can come back ready for a great fall semester — new faces, classes, and a refreshed and fired up football team.

Send summer stories my way so I can come back with a fresh set of stories to tell our new direct admit class. Our incoming class may be as many as 500 high achieving, eager students. I can’t wait!

Tonight — Baltimore!

Tonight (Tuesday at 6pm) we have a reading of a play about college life. The UI Theater group has agreed to do a reading right here in W151 PBB.

The play follows a group of students as they deal with racism, discrimination, and other related challenges. Some faculty and staff have seen it already, and strongly encouraged us to bring the performance into our building. We are grateful to the director and the theater students (including a Tippie student whom you may know) for agreeing to this special showing.

I hope to see you tonight for a reading of Baltimore.

Event this week: Great panel including Ini Augustine

Earlier this week I attended a great panel discussion organized by Phi Beta Sigma (see pictures of the organizers below along with the event flier). The panel was outstanding, and it was anchored by Ini Augustine, the CEO of Des Moines based SocialWise Media Group. Ini is a graduate of the University of Iowa Venture School. Read about her in the Des Moines Business Record and check our her website.

One thing she said sticks with me — don’t forget your worth! Treat yourself with dignity and respect, and expect the same treatment from others. The idea means making sure you are good to yourself and it also means not settling for less than you are worth. I think she meant this both a big picture way (don’t take jobs or be with people who make you less than can be) and a more detailed way (make sure to negotiate good deals). Lots of other good advice was offered at the event. Thanks to Phi Beta Sigma for organizing!

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